The House

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The House

The house - PARIS 75

Library of Science and Industry

Project managementUNIVERSCIENCE
Surface7 000 m2
Cost 7 100 000 € HT
Project managementLead Architect: Caractére spécial
Associate Architect: Loci Anima
Scenography : François TOURNY
Signage: Imperial Bus
Photo credits: 3D : Granada
MissionCompetition Winner

Rehabilitation and transformation of the Library of Science and Industry at La Villette.

"Yesterday I went to La Villette.
oui ? You went to perdu ?
I've been going there like that for a long time.
It's kind of like a trip to the '80s thing, it's fun.
You're a fan of richard Anconina and Patrick Timsit toi ?
I even went to the city of science and industry.
Biggest beam in the world, geode, guys flying...
I actually went to the library.
There's a bibliothèque ?
And yes, there is a library, and it's been completely redesigned.
Well, I didn't even know what it was designed for.
It's actually become the heart of the city, so it's natural to go there.
Pourquoi ?
Everything's open, everything's warm, everything's clear.
Are you in love with you or quoi ?
No, I assure you, there's no threshold. You just walk in naturally and the kids almost take you in.
Quoi ?
The first space is dedicated to the children, you can hear them a little but you can't see them, there is a didactic screen that shows you all the spaces inside.
Yes, there are signs quoi ?
Tell me, did you leave your imagination at home this morning or quoi ? There's something in the middle, they call it home. It's a big wooden volume that changes the scale of the place. It serves each level, of course, but with lots of half levels, nooks and crannies, places to sit, curl up, take refuge, relax, unwind.
From salons ?
Yes, these are lounges where you can go to consult the books.
Isn't anxiogène  a little anxiogène ?
Do you find it anxiety-provoking to be able to sit on a high step, to be able to lean your back against a wall at bois ?
I do.
They've made a bet to offer warm and welcoming spaces, not places where everything is done to make you feel like you're being watched, and strangely enough, when you take care of people, they respect the place.
But it's not just the house at médiathèque ?
No, of course there's all the other places.
It's quoi ?
Go there and find out.
But it's comment ?
They found some furniture or they made it locally. I don't know, it looks like some wooden travel trunks.
Invitation to voyage ; wooden design for sure. That's insane.
Well, it's not Ikea's  kropkru  , but it's a whole line that becomes desks and shelving and stuff...
From modules ?
No, but they can transform places just by changing the configuration of their furniture, it looks like.
Ah, the famous modular space that never works.
I'm tired of you, you know quoi ?