The Garden of Shadows

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The White House

HOPPS LANDSCAPE Making an extension to an existing building is always an interesting exercise.
Here, the exercise is not easy because the flagship is in a posture, how to say, ostentatious, almost emphatic.
It will therefore not be possible to extend its graphic vocabulary or even compete with it. That is not the point.

It is in fact to propose a sequence plan, a tracking shot to accompany us towards the project. One of the major constraints of the program is to swallow the surface parking spaces. We enter through a pine forest, we will extend it and rely on it to design the project. So we enter through the reception area which distributes the sports and seminar areas. This building is extended by a ramp to access the reception level of the hotel. This walk through the trees takes you over all the parking spaces. The hotel will therefore have rooms facing south, with views of the great landscape, and others to the north whose view is lost in the pine canopy.

We end this walk by the restaurant, whose roof is being converted into a terrace next to a swimming pool and a viewpoint over the fields. I'm telling you, this pool as a belvedere is better than the sea!

The unique thing about a landscape is that it offers multiple points of view and depth of field. A landscape suffers from no contestation. It's there, one point is all.
Thus, we propose a set of different wooden frames, sometimes high, sometimes wide, sometimes spaced, sometimes narrow, with solids, empty terraces, pergolas etc... They dialogue with each other, protect and support each other. They play with light to draw crazy and warm shadows. They act as filters to gently accompany the gaze and the passer-by. This building is the firmament of the depth of field. From that moment on, going to Hopps will be an invitation every day.