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Station de ski Brezovica


The site is unique, with nature all around, stunning.
The existing road network is strengthened and consolidated, only the minimum necessary for the access of the new life places and the mountains are created.
Three areas welcome all the constructions.
The residencial and principal reception building is down the slopes, 1700m high, right on the existing station, and continues on the south side facing it. It spreads over twenty hectares and 1.5 km long.
It goes along with a recreation area with 1000 parking spaces located in the valley at 1000m high, so the 7 km access roads are not saturated by inhabitants, visitors and skiers traffic.
On the west side of the station, a hamlet including about thirty buildings, located by the wood, edging a natural clearing, offers an incredible location to its inhabitants, surrounded by nature at high altitude.


Fisrt of all, it is an exceptional site, almost virgin, unexploited. There is therefore an essential rule to it: showing respect for the site.
The mountain is strength and power, but it is also a way of getting in tune with elements, listen to our own senses.
No urban pollution to pervert them. What is there is what exists.
A sound, an odor, a light, fresh and warm. Everything here is stronger and forces to a kind of modesty.
Urbanity here is not the right word to use. We should say, « naturity ».
The ambition is to create a living space that makes one with the mountain, the beginning of a sensory city is already a sensational station.
The goals we want to achieve, is that Brezovica be immediately attached to which characterizes it. That its identity be remarkable and yet discreet. How can we answer the question of activity according to the seasons. That the place finds a reason to live and a permanent presence in summer and in winter. Architecture can respond to this with different ways of building into the slope.
Some constructions will fully emerge from the ground and grow around suspended places, merging with the trees, others on the opposite, will find their place around dug squares disappearing into the topography of the mountain. This perception difference will make the city feel in constant movement.
Each building will be oriented south and will be covered with a vast stone roof. Protecting from radiation and expressing its affiliation to the mountain.
Tese are geological constructions, a natural phenomenon that reveals rock polished by time, streets seem dug in these rocks and let the eyes spinning in all directions.
The village offering a capacity of 6000 beds and around 15,000 to 20,000 m2 of retail space consists of two main areas :
A more active one, crossing , the closest to the ski lifts, with most altitude parking areas close by (1000places). Buildings ( hotels, housing, activities and services ) are 4 levels high to the most is discontinuous and leaves the eyes escape in the countryside. The snow front is completely pedestrian, the slope is very gentle, space is vast and clear facing the slopes, skiers, hikers, strollers may meet together, relax, come and go without conflicting uses. Some buildings thirty meters higher in the trees at the edge of the ski runs offer a prime location for loud and festive activities. A convention center/cinema (10000 m²) completes the activity panel.
The other one, more residential, all pedestrian is a continuation of the previous one. Buildings and cottages are accessible from the ski slopes, adapted vehicles will ensure transport of people and luggage to the parking areas. Once there, travelers will completely forget their car. The distances from any apartment to any lifts are very short: 650 meters farthest. The village can remain naturally snowed, no salting needed. The buildings are 4 level high at the most, ground floors can host retail areas.
85% of the buildings are lodging and housing, spread into hotels, homes and cottages, mainly facing south with views over the valley and the skiing area.
The recreation area, consisting of a 5000 m² « water park » and a compact golf course spreading over 7 ha, nests in the valley in mid mountain where the climate is milder. A particular attention will be given to the integration of these facilities in their environment as well as parking areas around. Shuttles provide the transport of visitors to the station located 7 kilometers away. Even when it gets very crowdy, access to facilities remain fluid.
The hamlet with thirty cottages, with a capacity of approximately 200 beds is entirely pedestrianised, located on a elevated tableland on the edge of the forest. It offers a stunning situation to its inhabitants, within a protected natural area, very well exposed. It is accessible on one side by a road forest, borrowed in winter by adapted vehicles and on the other side by free ride and hiking paths. The cottages are particularly spacious and comfortable and have important clearance around to allow nature to interfere in between them.