Double Face

Brownfields + Cultural

Double Face

Double sided - Embrun 05

Contemporary Art Center

Project managementMunicipality of Embrun
Surface550 m2
Cost 1 200 000 € HT
Project managementAgent Architect: Caractére spécial
BET Structure: DVVD

Swiss Pocket Knife

The diversity of the scenographies and the possible layout scenarios of this gallery offer a great capacity for staging the central nave. Sculptures, video projections, works of great height can be arranged in harmony with other more discreet or smaller objects.

We could stop there, yet a cultural place is also a place for everyone and for everyone to feel good. We propose to use the peculiarity of wood in the way it can be found in sawmills to multiply the uses of our membrane. In this way, it will not only function as a protective facade for the gallery, but it will also become a bench in front of the café, a shelf or a shelf in places and why not a climbing game for the children?

Our ambition is to propose a place that can meet all the uses that the programme asks of us, and even beyond, without exclusion and without exclusion, so that this place also makes art alive and attractive.