Brownfields + Cultural


Babcock - La Courneuve, Paris 75

Project managementCommon Plain
Surface3 600 m2
Cost 6 300 000 € HT
Architectural representativeCaractére spécial
Landscape / Sustainable DevelopmentILEX Landscapes
Pevention - Security - FireVulcaneo
Environmental ContributionAgi2d
Foresight, Programming, Urban EvaluationAlphaville
Prototype creditEl Atelier
MissionPrefiguration of the mutation of the southern part of the site

The challenge of the study will be to define through a master plan strong principles of access, connections, functional and volumetric organization in relation to the context and regulatory constraints (urban planning regulations, physical urban, territorial, bioclimatic, landscape, social, historical and economic characteristics). These options will be phased and estimated in the short, medium and long term. Given the importance of the urban wasteland, the proposed strategy will respond to the challenges at the scale of the site, the district and the territory.

Babcock is a unique example of wasteland spaces that are to be written about by inviting actors to invent new ways of cooperation, architectural, ecological, programmatic, economic, artistic. Babcock can become a place of cooperation, an infinite source of sociality, a maker of life through concrete practices. The programming project that we intend to invent should be constructed as a cultural project to draw a balance that would combine the different programmatic dimensions, including the main dimension of housing, which would be oriented by an innovative approach around the identity of third places.


Bringing together the multitude of innovative projects that are culturally, economically, technologically and socially innovative.

"There is a need in the territory to have, on a site like Babcock, a facilitating, identified and accessible place that welcomes, orients, makes available resources and know-how in the cultural field. »

Associating artists, cultural communities, networks and collectives in the arts and crafts sector with digital mediation, actors in the creative economy and the social and solidarity economy, and social actors will make it possible to design a laboratory for social innovation based on today's issues, both locally and internationally.


In the heart of its neighbourhood

"The challenge will be to bring together and make possible a capacity for innovation, particularly in terms of addressing the public and the territory".

A place/project open every day on a very large scale

A warm and welcoming place/project

One place/project programmed; each day several different activities

A place/project that is the starting point or a rhizome node to irrigate the metropolitan territory by modeling activities, programming, spaces, economy, organization ...,

A generalist place/project laboratory of artistic and cultural practices working above all on the requirement and allowing excellence to find a unique territory.

A place/project that contributes to the quality of life in the neighbourhood


A platform to produce and discover

A platform to accommodate structures