Palazzo Bercy


Palazzo Bercy

Palazzo Bercy - Paris 12ème

Project managementRIVP
Surface11 000 m2
Cost 17 100 000 € EXCL. TAX
Project managementLead Architect: Caractére spécial
BET Structure: DVVD
BET TCE / HQE : Sechaud & Bossuyt
Building economics: F. Bougon
Landscape: Christine Dalnoky
Photographic Credits3D : FOZR

HQE Project

Competition for the restructuring of a housing complex into a student residence (200 housing units) and a social residence (100 housing units) rue de Bercy

When you go home you go back to your world and that world is the whole world, it's a universe.

So each studio is a universe, particular and remarkable. That's the story of this building, which looks like a big drum full of universes that tell stories from elsewhere, from far away, of differences, of journeys, of dreams. It is a mysterious crate, like each of its inhabitants, each of the worlds it shelters.

The central patio is the heart of the mystery, where one's imagination can soar through the sky, the clouds and the étoiles : it is an immaterial garden that reflects the light from the sky and diffracts it onto the façades. It is a kaleidoscope of glass, metal, mirror and water that tells the story of the stars and the sun inside. It's a changing, living, luminous and spectacular landscape, a precious and surprising place that you discover inside the box, like a treasure in a trunk: it's also a unique place, an object of pride, because it's important to be proud of your home.