The Land Reserve and GMEM

Brownfields + Cultural

The Land Reserve and GMEM

LA RESERVE FONCIERE ET GMEM - La Friche Belle de Mai - Marseille 13

Project managementSCIC FRICHE BELLE DE MAI
Surface3 800 m2
Cost 2 950 000 € HT
Project managementLead Architect: Caractére spécial
BET STRUCTURE: Engineering 84
ACOUSTICS: Khale Acoustics

A Development of the Friche land reserve and installation of the GMEM. Creation of 2,000m² of office and workshop space for cultural, social economy and solidarity structures and 1,000m² of recording and production studios, of which 500m² are under new construction.
This project is BDM Argent.

The project functions as the essential articulation between all the volumes present.
A large farmhouse, a huge terrace and premises already there.
The form imposed itself, a dome has no limits. Neither does the sound. The wasteland is a modern cathedral, it lacks its dome. Here it is.
Perched on its funny legs, it is the reinterpretation of the bandstand.