The Air Bubble


The Air Bubble


Let's invent the metropolis of Greater Paris

Project managementOGIC
Project managementAgent: OGIC
ARCHITECTS: Caractère Spécial- Brenac et Gonzales Associés
Landscapers: Atelier ROBERTA
Environmental AMO: ARTELIA
AMO Constructions and wood : ATHLANCE
Surface21 000 m2
Date2017 - Ongoing

There used to be a giant crossroads, cars all the time and a bar, all straight with everything in it and then they decided that it was enough that they had to fix it, that they had to tear down the bar, give people a little bit of fun.

It was necessary to renew the attention to the site, to transform it gently but radically.
Was it necessary to demolish the bar for that, couldn't we have transformed it aussi ?
To answer the question of the pure program, demolition was not an obligation but the question went beyond this program. It is not possible to make a project on a site named Place de Boule without there being a place, that is to say without there being an address of the place. The place is a rallying point, a place of convergence, a meeting place. A square can be recognized by its quality, by the care taken in the public space. It makes it the mark of the city. What would Venice be without Piazza San Marco, Marrakech without Jama el Fnaa square etc...

The Place de la Boule must be the marker of Nanterre, its symbol is that before, well before the buildings and our project must go first and foremost in the direction of enhancing and defining this public space.

In Nanterre, we'll go there to meet each other, because everyone knows it's easy to get there, because there are things that you can only find here and because it feels good there.
Sometimes we'll only stay there for a minute and just cross it when we get out of the station, or we'll sit there for a while to spend some time, to pass the time, because here, the cars go by slowly, the trees grow, the flowers smell, and time regains a little bit of its right of way. It happens even if you are well concentrated to hear a bird singing.

Where are we going? To my place. Where do you live? Nanterre, Place de la Boule. Oh, yeah, what they built for the history of " réinventer the metropolis. » Yeah, look at the place they made, it's cool. non ? Yeah, you've seen the world out there. How's dirait ? Looks like it. Didn't skimp on the plants, say donc ?! No, it's wallpaper mode in here. Plants are natural. It's more like Eurodisney.
I don't think so, it's still nice all this greenery.
It's Mickey from Nanterre who would have gone for a trip to Dubai, note that they do a lot of skiing in Dubai.
You're going hard; you can't blame them for finally putting in some plants instead of just concrete.
If you say so, it's your place ça ? cool balcony with the loggia, you can put all your stuff on it like that and no one can see it from outside...
It's mostly an extension of the living room, in the summer we put a sofa, an armchair, a pouffe, three cushions and we're in the shade. By the way, did you see the shadows it makes on the facade, it's nice non ?
Yeah, shadows,
You have a poetic soul,
More like pragmatic,
It's weird with the kitchen closed, isn't it?
It's the charter.
Small rooms?
That's the charter.
Windows not too big.
It's the charter and the dough too.
You're a chartered guy, all things considered.
At the same time, it's so dense that it's allowed them to make these extra spaces there, the pop-ups they call it.
Is this quoi ?
That's what we want, it's actually places where we can hang out, meet people in the building, even do stuff together. It's kind of our own place, they'll become what they need to be, easy.
Ah oui ?
It's kind of just places for fun,
Places that are useless quoi ?
Fun is pointless according to toi ?
And the thing upstairs, like a cabin...
The Altana is called
Aren't those the terraces at Venise ?
Yes, that's right. Well, there's Altana in Venice and one in Nanterre, isn't that classe ?
The arcades at balcons ?
So we live in the Palazzo Popolare.
Not bad, too bad the name.
Bubble Place bubble, they had trouble at trouver ?
You have no idea, 40 start-ups specializing in just about anything to give their opinion on just about anything all the time.
You don't care.
Not really, no.
But you're happy at home.
Yes, this is my home and it's the first time I've ever felt it...
I'll take you to toit ? There's a little bistro you'll see and a view of the Eiffel Tower.
Why not all the way to Marseille no plus ?!
No, no, where is Marseille ? But the Eiffel Tower in Nanterre, you see it...