Anything to do with creation in any form whatsoever, from the pastry chef to the musician, from the writer to the shoemaker, the carpenter to the sculptor etc.... It fascinates me, the rest bores me.
Turning something into something else is a magical act whose essence is to give the pleasure.
You'd think we're bitches, we give pleasure for money, but by doesn't do so much.
There's not a time I haven't done it without going above and beyond. Beyond the rule. There is no creation otherwise. As soon as we start disobeying we give pleasure.
That's why architecture bores me, it never disobeys. I like cabins and ruins for this. With them, we are free to take pleasure in our desires...
When we create, we dig, we scrape, we try, we confront, we rage, we escape to the surface, we buries itself in the ground like a wallowing animal, you dig out the entrails and swim in it... towards the abyss, towards the source, towards the light by crossing shadows, towards a force, a evidence, a truth. This vertigo seizes you, it also gives you your own pleasure and, at that moment, you you don't give a damn about other people, you think about what you do and nothing else and it's too good, this absolute present, you are in the real, in the fusion between the real and the imaginary, and you are still trying, you go even further, you break your back, you break your teeth and suddenly the bow is stretched and everything becomes obvious.
Then it's ready, calm comes back, the river calms down and you offer it, and yet you know they don't can't even receive it without understanding what you went through before you got here. there.
The miracle happens almost every time. Almost every project, he never jaded me. Not just once.
The creation is to be intranquilous otherwise you create nothing. If that's what being an artist is all about then I am, by What would be incompatible with my architectural profession?

I'm not a craftsman. I don't give a damn and even refuse to do the same thing again to the same one. That's craftsmanship. I don't care to mold the same ceramic bowl that the only defect is the unexpected clay bubble to distinguish them. I'm not a specialist in anything, I don't have no tools, no paint, no hammer, no dick, no knife...

Nothing, my head and my intuition. No, my intuition and my head. Then things become clear. I'm not a brand, I don't know what, I don't know what... that I'm going to find, I can't be confined even if you try, architect frichier, the thing that doesn't mean anything. I love, I create to bond, it's the same word as being li!ed. So you can't buy freedom. It has no price, no limit. I'm an architect. to project a world and find my place in it, not as a hobby or a business. So I'm looking for I'm still looking. Finding exploration ground is getting harder and harder because there's no are more foolish. They can smell it. Everything is done to harm freedom. That's what my fight is about, fighting. to love, as long as I can, I will go on.

Matthieu Poitevin

There is space, wild energy and gentleness,
faults and fractures,
landscapes bigger than us
Violence and wounds
High wind in the summits
Shapes that escape
us Beauty without premeditation
Sacred beautiful girls
Life that weighs down at times
Deserts and stubbornness
Cabins to hide
in And no question of giving up.
More sweetness

Catherine Blondeau